Want to know why you still have clutter after trying all the tips, tricks and hacks on Tik Tok and Instagram?

It's because all that advice is missing a step.

Get my free decluttering guide, the Simply Home Compass to discover the missing puzzle piece and finally clear the clutter.

This guide begins by walking you through a key step that's missing from traditional decluttering advice.

It also includes:

  • a Step-by-Step Decluttering Plan you can follow at your own pace
  • A List of Questions to help You Decide What to Keep
  • Tips for Editing Sentimental Clutter
  • A Keep or Toss Decision Flow Chart to help you get unstuck in the decision process
  • An Organizing Mistakes Cheat Sheet to guide you when you're ready to organize what you keep.
  • Plus tips and resources for keeping the clutter away

Everything is printable so you can keep it handy for easy reference. Hopefully, it will be like having a professional organizer by your side!

And of course, you'll have email access to me. I'm available to answer questions, cheer you on, and provide accountability.

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